Galician market cuisine

Santiago de Compostela

MENU - Christmas 2021


Grilled baby-scallops and black truffle chips2,5

(A: Molluscs)

Wild seasonal mushrooms, potato chips and egg-yolk-dressing14

(A: Egg, fish)

Celtic rooster and Arzúa soft cheese empanadillas5

(A: Milk, gluten, fish)

Melted béchamel sauce and Ibérico ham croquettes (6 units)9,5

(A: milk, egg, gluten)

King-prawns, pil-pil, its own juices, garlic salt, chili peppers and spring onion12,5

(A: crustaceans, fish, sulphites)

FISH & MEATS ½ Ration / 1 Ration

Grilled squid, its black ink and white beans 19

(A: Fish, molluscs, crustaceans, milk, celery)

Cod fish, pil-pil, coliflower and black olive powder9,5/17

(A: fish, molluscs, sulphites)

Galician pig-cheeks stewed in Mencía red wine14/18,5

(A: Milk, sulphites)

Supreme beef sirloin steak, meat jus and wild mushrooms13,5/26

(A: sulphites, milk)


Almond cake, salty toffee and citrus ice-cream7

(A: milk, eggs, nuts)

Apple crumble, vanilla ice-cream and syrup (10min)5,5

(A: Milk, nuts)

Chocolate ganache, cookies and wild berries ice cream6

(A: Gluten, milk, eggs, nuts)

Traditional cheesecake5,5

(A: Milk, egg, gluten)